If this is your first time to a registered massage therapist, you may have some common questions about massage therapy at Tsawwassen Massage Therapy Clinic. Below are some frequently asked questions about massage therapy.

Does my extended health or MSP cover my visit?

Many extended health insurance providers cover or subsidize massage therapy. The amount covered varies from plan to plan, so it is best to check with your health insurance provider. Please note that some companies require a doctor’s referral in order to reimburse massage therapy costs.
MSP will not cover any part of your visit unless you are eligible for Premium Assistance, meaning that you made less than $24 900 last year based on your income tax return. If you qualify under this category, MSP will subsidize $23 per visit to a maximum of ten visits per year to either a massage therapist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, or a combination thereof.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

A doctor’s referral for massage therapy is generally not required, unless you are involved in an ICBC claim, or have extended health coverage through DVA or RCMP. Certain specific health conditions may also require consent from a treating physician; this will be addressed individually if necessary.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations require 24 hours notice. Late cancellations for clinic appointments incur a 100% charge of the normal office fee.

What should I wear for my massage?

In order to work with the oil directly on your skin, you must disrobe to your underwear. You will be properly draped with a sheet and blanket for your comfort. It is best not to wear your favorite clothes to the appointment because there may be some oil transferred to your clothing. Most of the oils used are chosen for their non-staining properties and are readily absorbed into the skin, leaving little residue.

Do I have to undress for my massage?

Undressing for any massage treatment is not mandatory, although most people find direct skin-to-skin contact to be more effective. You will be draped with a sheet at all times for modesty, but the treatment can also be performed through clothing if you would prefer.